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Why is the indian government scared of China

China is the only large nation in the world at present which understands and acknowledges the fact that top government employees in India are shameless frauds and liars, with no morals and no humanity shamelessly and ruthlessly exploiting harmless indian citizens for personal gain and hatred . For example in the indian internet sector NTRO, […]

R&AW is weaker than other intelligence agencies

R&AW is weaker than other intelligence agencies because of high levels of corruption, nepotism, inefficiency and a large number employees with fake resumes, fake investment, fake work. Other intelligence agencies are far more efficient and patriotic and will not waste tax payer money on employees with fake resume, fake investment, fake work, the government and […]

why are powerful shivalli brahmins shameless and lacking self respect

The google, tata sponsored mediocre lazy greedy shivalli brahmin R&AW employee bbm nayanshree hathwar, a bengaluru housewife got a lucrative R&AW job falsely claiming to have the resume, including btech 1993 ee degree and investment of a harmless single woman obc engineer she cheated of more than Rs 1.1 lakh in 2011-2012. After cheating the […]

Why some brahmins are brilliant frauds stealing the resume of brilliant obc engineers for goan obc bhandari SEX worker

Not all of the brahmins are brilliant they are very good at destroying the life of brilliant obc and other caste professionals with their slander, torture and complete lies. These indian government employees are certainly brilliant frauds stealing the resume of brilliant obc engineers for goan obc bhandari SEX worker sunaina chodan 2013 bsc , […]

Google, tata use radiation to criminally torture harmless identity theft victims

Google, tata employees involved in sex trade, identity theft are allegedly using directed energy weapons, radiation torture extensively on harmless identity theft victims especially in panaji, goa causing very great pain, memory loss, headache, insomnia. The torture victim cannot work during the day or even sit at a place during the day, because the sex […]

Promoting lazy mediocre OBC frauds like R&AW employee sex queen sunaina proved expensive for BJP

In an article in Times of India, Devika Sequiera has commented that the obc bhandari vote in goa largely deserted the BJP , leading to the loss of seats in Goa. While it is not clear who exactly masterminded the fraud , promoting lazy mediocre OBC bhandari frauds like R&AW employee sex queen sunaina allegedly […]

Google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, fraud R&AW/CBI employees are worse than Radhika Ghai of Shopclues

The mainstream media has covered the news of the bitter fight between Radhika Aggarwal of Shopclues and her husband the founder of shopclues Sandeep aggarwal, yet these incidents are very common and large companies like google, tata are allegedly involved in similar fake resume , experience fraud. The shopclues founder allegedly claimed that his wife […]

Anger and arrogance in Goa

Usually the chief minister will win elections, though the party may lose , however in goa the chief minister and two powerful ministers have lost . The winning candidates are attributing their victory to arrogance of those in power and the anger of the people. Many of the older politicians in Goa have again been […]

American companies are not donating money through paypal

The cunning shameless google, tata sponsored indore fraudsters mahesh , R&AW employees bespectacled housewife veena, deepika are justifying their resume theft, online, domain fraud , falsely claiming that they are doing a great favor allowing the domain investor to receive money from american companies. The cunning fraud mahesh falsely claims that if the indore fraudster […]

Chinese, japanese take a lot of risk, unlike fraud indian R&AW/CBI employees

Monitoring the dropped domains daily, it is obvious that last year, some domain investor had invested a huge amount of money in llll.info domain names hoping to make some money . He did not make much money, and almost all the llll.info domain names are being dropped in 2017, cluttering the dropped domain list. However […]