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Indian and state governments especially goa government involved in massive time fraud on indian paypal account holders

Allegedly bribed by google,tata, the Indian and state governments especially goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka government are involved in a massive TIME FRAUD on indian paypal account holders to exploit, cheat, criminally defame them and deny them their fundamental rights for more than ten years since 2010. The ntro, google, tata employees are hacking the laptops, […]

Advertise on a government,news, media, manipulation,biases, legal rights, assistance related website

Advertise on a government,news, media, manipulation,biases,legal rights related website on the following topics – Government biases, and manipulation – denial of fundamental rights – womens rights – legal issues – finding a lawyer – indian penal code – fake cases – criminal defamation Large companies, well connected, high status people manipulate the government, bribing relevant […]

Fraud R&AW/cbi employees are receiving ROBBED PROPERTY when they have ROBBED MEMORY COPY PASTED on their brains, a crime under section 411 of ipc

One of the greatest crimes and human rights abuses is how the indian government is paying salaries to raw/cbi employees on the basis of ROBBED MEMORY, TRADE SECRETS which are COPY PASTED on their brains by ntro employees for the last 9 years Though they may be extremely high status and respectable, R&AW/cbi employees with […]

People hearing voices, are actually being tortured

Many people who are hearing voices in India think that they are becoming mentally unsound, when actually they are being intentionally tortured using a very sophisticated torture technology known as voice to skull technology which can cause great losses, stress and ruin the health of the victim. The cowardly mainstream media in India refuses to […]

20 permanent do follow PBN links on 20 different high Majestic trust flow domains

20 permanent do follow PBN links on 20 different high trust flow domains, mostly privacy protected, multiple domain registrars, webhosting companies used High metric domains Majestic Trust Flow (TF)/Citation Flow (CF), Moz DA 10-44 Quick delivery within 24 hours at no additional cost Full report with urls will be provided Blog post Same gig was […]

Why is the indian government scared of China

China is the only large nation in the world at present which understands and acknowledges the fact that top government employees in India are shameless frauds and liars, with no morals and no humanity shamelessly and ruthlessly exploiting harmless indian citizens for personal gain and hatred . For example in the indian internet sector NTRO, […]

Google, tata, ntro, cbi are directly responsible for the indian sex news online

Now many people are commenting on the indian intelligence and security agency sex news online, how the domain investor cannot be blamed because Google, tata, ntro, cbi are directly responsible for the sex news online as they openly indulge in sex trade, defaming and making fake allegations against harmless indian citizens if they are offered […]

R&AW is weaker than other intelligence agencies

R&AW is weaker than other intelligence agencies because of high levels of corruption, nepotism, inefficiency and a large number employees with fake resumes, fake investment, fake work. Other intelligence agencies are far more efficient and patriotic and will not waste tax payer money on employees with fake resume, fake investment, fake work, the government and […]

R&AW, ISI ranking and indore R&AW employee fraud housewife veena

Pakistani ISI is ranked higher than R&AW worldwide, because it is well known worldwide that R&AW actually has a large number of employees with fake resumes like the google, tata sponsored indore cheater housewife bespectacled veena, goan obc bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc who are actually faking their resume, investment, online work. Like […]

why are powerful shivalli brahmins shameless and lacking self respect

The google, tata sponsored mediocre lazy greedy shivalli brahmin R&AW employee bbm nayanshree hathwar, a bengaluru housewife got a lucrative R&AW job falsely claiming to have the resume, including btech 1993 ee degree and investment of a harmless single woman obc engineer she cheated of more than Rs 1.1 lakh in 2011-2012. After cheating the […]