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Going Back Through the Past

A few days ago, I was doing some cleaning around my Boulevard 88 condo and noticed a box that I brought with me when I first moved into the condo. I never unpacked the box, which was odd, because I thought I had unpacked everything. As I opened the box, I saw that it was a collection of all of my items from high school. My old year book, some pictures with my friends, and even my class ring were in it. I spent the whole day just looking in the year book and remembering all of the things that I did back then. It was like taking a trip back in time.

Looking at all of the old items that I found in the box convinced me that I should try to contact some of the people that went to my high school. There were lots of phone numbers and email addresses written in the yearbook, so I had some kind of idea as how to track down all of these people. Some of them were even friends with me already on my Facebook account, so if I needed some help finding the rest, I could just ask my friends online and they would help me figure it out.

I spent even more time contacting people than I did looking at all of the things that were in the box. I had a fun time talking to people from my past and catching up with their lives. One person went on to become an astronaut and spent a year in space. Another became a lawyer and had a part in a high profile trial. Another one became a school teacher at our old high school and is teaching alongside a few of the teachers that taught us so many years ago.