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ADT is More Affordable Than I Thought

Have you ever thought about getting a home security system? Not long ago, I would have thought that the majority of people here in the United States of America would have answered no to that. That is only because I always thought that the cost would just be too high even for middle class citizens. When one of my friends got a security system installed, I was rather surprised because she has less money than I do. She sent me a link and told me to click on the page that shows the different ADT plans, and I would see that I could afford it for myself too.

I did that because while I did not have a security system, it did not mean that I did not want one. I just felt I would never be able to afford one, so I did not think about it too much. There are different plans and pricing, but even the most expensive plan is still just a little over 50 dollars a month for the monitoring services. While I know that some people cannot afford that, everyone I know would be able to afford the cheapest plan, which is just nine bucks a week.

Even with the Essentials plan, which is the least expensive one that ADT offers, you still get a lot. A motion detector, digital keypad, sensors for doors and windows, a very loud alarm, remotes to operate the system and more are included. They even include a backup battery, which is really nice considering the batteries already last for a long time. Once I saw just how affordable a security system is, I made the proper arrangements to have one installed. I shared this news with everyone I knew too, and quite a few of my friends and family members now have ADT too.