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Home Security Monitoring is a Lot Cheaper Than I Thought

I never looked into getting an alarm before because I thought prices would be high. However, when I listened to some coworkers talking about the alarm systems they had both recently installed in their own homes, I was curious about the monthly prices they were each paying. Both coworkers told me they only pay $35.00 per month to monitor their homes. That price seemed pretty inexpensive considering the fact that it goes toward security and protecting the lives of the people in your home. I decided to look into it and got a system installed after that.

When I was a kid, my mom and I left the house to go to the grocery store and someone broke into our house while we were gone. My dad was away at work. When mom and I got home, we saw a man running out of our front door. He had a big box in his arms. Mom and I ran to a neighbor’s house and mom called the police from there. After the police came and we had a chance to go inside, we realized that the burglar had taken a lot of valuables and he had stuffed them all in the box that he was carrying when he ran out.

I wish that I could say that I felt safe in our home after that, but I never felt fully safe again after that. That same feeling carried over into adulthood for me. I always thought that getting an alarm is only something that wealthy people can afford, but my coworkers surprised me when they told me just how affordable home security is. I’m married now and have a child. I feel good knowing that we have an alarm system that now keeps all three of us safe at such a great cost.