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Guide On Growing Succulents. It is indeed very interesting and equally fun to plant a succulent garden and this guide reveals how and why. Gardening gives me this vigorous pursuit to find something new to do in the garden. I am however sometimes limited by time. Absence of time notwithstanding, my objectives can be met in speedy manner. The young ones can also be incorporated into this fun! Unlike those with enough space, my space is small meaning I have to be innovative. Succulents can actually be a perfect way to add life to your garden as their colors add pop and their diversity is good for the eye. Time to start now.
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One important material that will be needed is a small container, possibly a pot, which must have a drainage hole at its base. The soil type is important as succulents are rather choosy with the type of soil meaning that soil for succulents particularly needs to be bought. The cost of the soil is relatively cheap, alternatively, it can be borrowed as a cutting from those that grow succulents. At the end of the day, the succulents will increase in size and cuttings can be acquired. In future, you can save your time and your funds in the event that you have your own cuttings.
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1.Make sure you put the soil into the pot at least 1-inch or more for the pot to be exposed. Make some space for the succulent by digging the soil in your pot then proceed to put the succulent inside the pot, later cover its root with soil For the succulent to be exposed make sure you leave an inch of length. It is recommended to always water the succulent and put the near a sunny place. To much of some is bad, remember to put little fertilizer. The best quantity of fertilizer (nitrogen) is 50% to 25%. Succulents growth can be better with or without an addition of fertilizer, provided all external factors are favorable but not cold weathers. You should remember to protect them from frost or snow, this may kill the plants. The plant require enough sunlight. Remember that the succulent don’t need direct sunlight only indirect sunlight, so make sure to filter the sunlight by putting them indoor by near direct wind flow. They is more option on the size of the pot, you can use a bigger pot or a smaller pot depending on the number of succulent. Remember that succulent hold more water, so remember not water more. To water the succulent you should make sure the soil is dry first. A dry soil is required before you water your plant and this would ensure continued productivity.