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A Large Mirror for My Living Room

I had been looking for just the right kind of mirror for my living room. We had moved into a beautiful house several months ago, and I liked just about everything about it. The one thing that I did not like was the extremely ugly ornate mirror in the living room. I liked the idea of a large mirror between the two bay windows, but I absolutely despised the mirror that was there. I ended up contacting a company that does custom mirrors in Somerset County NJ after spending countless hours looking around local and regional stores in the area and still not finding what I wanted.

I was telling my sister that I wished I could just design my own mirror because I knew what I wanted. I just was not able to find it. That is when she told me that there had to be a company that custom makes mirrors for people like me. I had not even thought about that, but it sure did make sense that there would be a company that does since there seems to be a business that will do just about anything nowadays.

I did some research and was happy to see that there was such a company just 30 minutes away from me. I was able to go to their showroom, and I knew that I had found the place that was going to create my mirror for me. I had brought pictures to show them the size that I wanted, and then they showed me catalogues and pictures. It took maybe an hour for me to figure out what I wanted, and they were able to have it installed much sooner than I thought they would. The beveled mirror is eight foot tall and nearly four feet wide, and it looks absolutely beautiful between the large bay windows.