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Relationship Advice For A Couple Many challenges come up when you are in a relationship and you may opt to give up although it is valuable.If you want a firm basis in your relationship, you must be ready and capable of handling the challenges that come with the responsibility. One partner in a relationship can be the source of the challenge other than both of you as a couple.An example of such a problem is co-dependency. Co-dependence relates to one of the partner in a couple being so dependent on the other so as to accomplish different life stages.Such a case prevails since it is normal that a partner depends on the other to make both ends meet. When one partner is depending on the other so much, it might take long to build a lasting relationship. Although some people may absorb this thinking it might work for their relationship, it may not be the right option. Laziness is built when you learn to depend on the other partner so much.Being happy and experiencing progress may be a challenge for you.It is your responsibility giving your partner attention but some of it should be directed to you.To work on your disadvantages, it requires your time. By not giving all of your time to your partner, you can work on it. Parental dependency has contributed to this long time and we need to set our emotions right in countering the problem.It is advisable that we teach ourselves to be dependent on ourselves than what we were used to with our parents.Co dependence starts with getting used little by little till it becomes a tough problem in the coming days.
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Admission that you are enslaved by the problem is the first approach of getting out of it. It is always a big deal for people to admit that actually the problem faces them. As a couple, it is advisable that you seek advice from professionals who are trained on such issues. An experienced professional should be able to understand your problem as a couple and attend to it equally. It is advisable that you seek help as dealing with the problem alone can bring up many problems.One is vulnerable to getting back to the starting point.
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Who says marriage cannot regain happiness and love? Love can fade away in a relationship that faces storms time to time. Marriage counseling is advisable so as garner the right type of information on how a relationship should be handled. Elimination of co dependency in a relationship leads to a firm level of trust between you as a couple. It is advisable to visit a marriage counselor so as to get advice for a good and happy marriage.