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Fraud employees with fake resumes cause of R&AW’s poor ranking worldwide

On quora , a question was asked why ISI is ranked the best intelligence agency and R&AW is ranked as the 9th in the ranking. As usual most of indians who answered the question were delusional and mostly claimed that the ranking was not correct. However most of them are not aware of the harsh reality of how R&AW recruits employees, often with fake resumes, memory stolen from other indian citizens.
So on paper R&AW employees have the best resumes, however in reality they only have the relatives, friends and sex partners of powerful government officials on their payroll. The deluded R&AW, NTRO employees who are involved in resume theft, memory theft, do not realize that they can only steal the memory, they will not steal the experience and the judgement which an experienced person has, adversely affecting the decision making process of the R&AW employee . The work, challenges for a R&AW employee will be very different from a private citizen who is fighting a lonely battle against resume theft, reducing the value of the stolen memory of the private indian citizen further.
However the top R&AW, indian government employees do not realize that stealing the resume, memory is not going to make a mediocre well connected lazy R&AW sex worker, cheater housewife employee, a brilliant hardworking engineer overnight the judgement and real experience of the sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud R&AW employee will remain poor. R&AW recruitment depends on the corrupt indian security agencies who are quick to make fake allegations against harmless indian citizens without any proof, to destroy their life, reputation and finances and cannot be held accountable.

Intelligence agencies worldwide realize that NTRO, R&AW, indian government is not being very wise, not honest and showing poor judgement when it brazenly steals the resume of private citizens for mediocre lazy fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees, hence worldwide R&AW is not ranked among the top 8.