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Losing a Job, Moving in with Parents, Getting a New Job and Moving to North Las Vegas All in 8 Weeks!

Having to move back in with your parents is not fun. Having to bring along your wife is even less fun. I was really feeling awful about the job situation. My firm just closed its doors with zero notice. We had to give up our place when the lease ran out. To save money we moved back to my parent’s as they had more room. I scrambled to find a new job. My wife is a nurse and can work anywhere. I landed a job in Las Vegas and my wife looked for 1 bedroom apartments in North Las Vegas. In less than two months I lost a job, moved back in with my wife to the house where I grew up, got a new job and was moving across the country to Nevada.

The thing is that neither my wife and I were really stressed about it. The only thing that bugged me was having to put my wife in the position of living with my parents for a time. No daughter-in-law should have to endure that. However, she really gets along great with my mom and dad, so it was only a big deal to me. She took it all in stride including giving up her job at the hospital. She was excited to move out West and start a life there with me. We were leaving behind friends and family. I really do not have a problem in going where the work is, but I was worried about her not wanting to go. However, she was more excited about it than I was.

She finally sat me down and told me how she has been wanting to move from our area since she was a little girl. She likes the sunshine and living close to a major metropolitan center. She said she could not have been happier trying to find the best 1 bedroom apartments in North Las Vegas. Plus, she would get to work in a hospital system where no one knew her. She had relatives working in medicine back at home. I never had even been to Las Vegas, Nevada, but I was happy to be making the move with my wife. The new apartment is super nice with huge windows, granite countertops, nicely sized rooms and wall-to-wall carpeting. Plus, it is affordable. Things are starting to work out good.