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Getting a Place in Denver Big Enough to Have All of the Kids and Grandkids Visit at One Time

When we talked about retirement, my wife and I wanted to retire to a place where we had a home big enough for all the kids and grandkids to come and visit at one time and not feel crowded. We wanted a big pool and a big spa tub, and we wanted them indoors so we could swim and soak year round. We also wanted rooms for everything we do. I am into art and woodworking, and my wife makes jewelry and sculpts. We wanted a big studio space with natural light, and only one of the Denver realtors was able to find us the perfect home ready to move into.

We were thinking about building, but the talks about retirement were now a reality and not just some future event. We did not want to waste months while a home was being built. We wanted to be established in our new place before summertime. I remember our first night there. We slept on the floor in the space that would be our studio together. It is a huge round room that has skylights and is surrounded by giant windows that let in plenty of natural light. There is room to do everything we like to do. Retirement was going to be an adventure inside of our own new home.

The grandchildren were amazed that Gram and Pap have a swimming pool inside. Our youngest granddaughter said she could swim at Christmas and not be cold. I liked it so much that she was already making holiday plans of spending time with us. They grow up so fast. We already have some teenaged grandchildren. Every visitor has a place to sleep. All the adult kids have rooms, and the grandkids can share a couple rooms. It was fun setting up air mattresses before, but this is so much nicer now to have a place in Denver that is big and family-friendly.