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Promoting lazy mediocre OBC frauds like R&AW employee sex queen sunaina proved expensive for BJP

In an article in Times of India, Devika Sequiera has commented that the obc bhandari vote in goa largely deserted the BJP , leading to the loss of seats in Goa. While it is not clear who exactly masterminded the fraud , promoting lazy mediocre OBC bhandari frauds like R&AW employee sex queen sunaina allegedly proved expensive for BJP as many deserving obc residents of goa were probably upset at being exploited, cheated and tortured.
A simple question to all the powerful intelligence and security agencies, especially in panaji, goa, why did their favorite google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodnekar , 2013 bsc not work for her own resume, not answer JEE, investment, why does she have SEX with fraud mainly brahmin ntro,cbi officials who then abuse their powers to falsely claim that their sex partner is an online expert,domain investor, experience engineer with a btech 1993 ee degree , get her a R&AW job, salary at the expense of the real obc domain investor
Why is a mediocre lazy greedy goan R&AW employee sex worker sunaina with almost no work experince, no savings of her own, no skills, except having sex with top government employees, such a great VVIP in panaji, goa that the most powerful government employees are making fake claims promoting the sex worker falsely claiming that the sex worker is an online expert, domain investor

Since the google, tata controlled fraud security agency, cbi , ntro employees have no proof after 7 years, it is obvious that they are making fake claims, so now ntro, cbi, should stop associating their sex partner sunaina, with the google competitor , let the sex queen use only her own resume, as a 2013 bsc from goa who has sex with the most powerful men in India .

People may come to power once, however people, especially political leaders are respected only if they have some morals,honesty. Having powerful relatives and lovers will not make a sex worker like sunaina respected, goa is a small place and everyone knows who is doing what.It is time that the intelligence and security agencies stop stealing the resume of harmless hardworking citizens for mediocre sex workers and other frauds, as part of their divide and rule policy.