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Anger and arrogance in Goa

Usually the chief minister will win elections, though the party may lose , however in goa the chief minister and two powerful ministers have lost . The winning candidates are attributing their victory to arrogance of those in power and the anger of the people. Many of the older politicians in Goa have again been reelected to the assembly
Usually people in India do not get very angry, however in goa it appears that many are upset at the extremely unfair treatment, great injustice they are subjected to and the extreme arrogance of those who refuse to treat them with dignity, officials take pleasure in humiliating them.

Powerful officials like to label those who complain as being anti national, they lack the humanity to try to look at the matter from the view point of those who are complaining, those who are cheated, exploited .
For example is it fair to divert all the correspondence of a harmless single woman engineer to google, tata sponsored goan call girls, cheater housewives without a court order just because these women have powerful friends and relatives, making it difficult to earn a fair living?
Is it fair to block the payment of a single woman domain investor repeatedly without a valid reason, just abusing the powers? In Mumbai, the payment was never blocked, in goa, the officials are extremely petty and take a sadistic pleasure in blocking the payment repeatedly, an indication of their mindset, which has caused so much anger in Goa
Why were local officials repeatedly humiliating her as a person with no income, and falsely claiming that their relatives, friends owned her business
The media also reported many stories of how people were being exploited and harassed , and found it difficult to get any help

While most of the problems are created by the government employees, at least the politicians can investigate and stop the abuse of power, especially when people are complaining. Indian intelligence and security agencies are closely monitoring all social media and when a person complains about resume theft, blocked payment, they should deal with the matter professionally and honestly instead of blocking the account . When there were so many complaints, why was no action taken to end the obvious injustice , why did the local politicians not help just out of humanitarian reasons