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American companies are not donating money through paypal

The cunning shameless google, tata sponsored indore fraudsters mahesh , R&AW employees bespectacled housewife veena, deepika are justifying their resume theft, online, domain fraud , falsely claiming that they are doing a great favor allowing the domain investor to receive money from american companies. The cunning fraud mahesh falsely claims that if the indore fraudster veena was not associated, the paypal account would be disabled, to cover up the fraud that indore housewife veena is getting a monthly salary though she is not doing any work online or investing any money online.
However the american companies are not doing a very great favor to the domain investor, paying her a very small amount monthly. Paypal is free to disable the account if they can find any problem, there are thousands of accounts which they have disabled. However after 15 years, paypal has not been able to find any problem, and since they are making money the account remains in use. The american companies are also not donating money to the paypal account holder, they are getting work done at the lowest rate in the market.
Like all businesses, american companies are looking for extremely cheap suppliers of domain names, blogs and like the chinese, the indian and other suppliers who can match the prices are being paid for the advertising.
Tommorrow if the paypal account of the domain investor is disabled, the american companies will not automatically pay mahesh, veena, deepika, riddhi siddhi, sunaina,nayanshree, asmita patel, naina, ruchika or others as these women have never invested a single penny on domain names till date or made any money online. Only in the extremely unlikely event that these google, tata sponsored frauds start investing money online , will the american companies pay them.

An open challenge to the cbi, ntro, intelligence or security agency employee to provide a legally valid reason for closing the paypal account of the domain investor in an open debate .