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No justification for stealing savings of engineer

The cunning fraud NTRO, CBI employees want to keep the hard earned money of a single woman engineer, yet they will never be able to justify their theft in an open debate. The CBI, security agency employees should have checked the facts properly before making fake allegations against a harmless single woman engineer , if they did not have any legally valid proof, why did they make fake allegations without proof in the first place.
They are government employees with a lot of resources at their disposal, they can always ask any person for additional information if they have any kind of doubt about the business or any activity. CBI has employed incompetent staff who are not good judges of people or business, not thorough in their work, making fake allegations which are a figment of their imagination, why should a private citizen lose his or her hard earned money in the first place.

The efficiency of a police employee is judged by the number of convictions he or she is getting, if the person the police officer accused is let free after a few months or years, it indicates that the police was not efficient and competent in the first place

A similar criteria should be used to judge the efficiency of the CBI, NTRO, security agency employee , if he or she is making fake allegations without proof, it should affect the career, so that employees are discouraged from making fake allegations without proof against harmless innocent civilians, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money in the process.