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Betrayal, divorce makes wealthy think twice about marriage

The media reported that after Tushar Kapoor, Karan Johar had preferred to become a father through surrogacy , revealing an increasing trend of wealthy people in India to become parents without marriage. Marriage is a very risky business in India in 2017, finding a person who will share the value systems and of a similar background becomes very difficult especially if the person is considered to be very honest , kind .
Living with a person who cannot be trusted under the same roof is a very risky business, there is possibility that the person can cause harm directly physically assaulting, poisoning or indirectly by leaking out very confidential information.
Betrayal is also widespread, and divorce commonplace, with men having to pay a large amount of money as alimony to their wife. If a person wishes to get married only for children, it is better to opt for surrogacy, instead of getting married to a person who is a stranger. Usually parents can only trust their only children, especially in old age, everyone else will try to exploit
The indian government is being very regressive in banning surrogacy , because indian society in 2017 makes it very difficult to find a honest person, single people should be allowed to become surrogate parents as it is impossible to find someone they can trust to get married to .