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Search engines and content quality

The average internet user like to say that using search engines like Google,they will be able to find information on any topic online, however well read people are increasingly finding that the information online is extremely biased, incorrect and does not reflect the truth. While in some countries like USA, those who are marginalized and persecuted are able to make their voice heard online, in countries like India the internet content is largely elitist and does not reflect the harsh reality of life in India, where casteism, discrimination against women, corruption, nepotism are rampant. In comparison the print media and even television in India is far more honest about the reality in India and will criticize the corrupt and the casteist.

Google in India in some ways, is an extremely mediocre search engine, at least in India, which will usually rank mediocre well connected extremely elitist arrogant bloggers highly in the search results and ignore or deindex websites which reflect the harsh reality of living in India today, especially the rampant casteism, brahmin atrocities, sexual exploitation in the indian internet sector. An elitist blogger who ignores the poverty and the less privileged in India (Starting his blog with the sentence Everyone has a laptop or smartphone) will rank well in google, while a website owner who reflects the reality of india, like the poverty, discrimination against women, will be labelled a security threat and the websites will not rank for keywords.

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